Beat! Percussion Fever
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Brief history

Also known as the chitangome or the foia (leaf), the patangome is an instrument similar to the ganzá, used in Minas Gerais, in congado and reisado festivals.

The patangome is composed of a closed wooden box, sealed on both ends with goat skin and filled with loose beads, which can be Job's tears seeds or seeds from the açaí fruit. It has two side handles that make it easier to hold.

There are also patangomes made entirely of sheet steel, or even out of large cans or hubcaps, in different forms: large (14-inch rim), small (10-inch rim) and steel (10-inch rim).

To play it, the patangome should be shaken with both hands so that the beads inside hit each other and the sides of the box, producing a rattling sound.

In recent years, this instrument has been adopted by and incorporated into maracatus and other popular styles in different states throughout the country.


Beat! ensemble with patangome