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    Rain stick

Rain stick

Brief history

The rain stick (in Portuguese, pau de chuva) is an indigenous instrument, specifically coming from Chile. It is an idiophone instrument similar to the chocalho and the ganzá, but with a long tube made of wood or bamboo. Unlike the chocalho, the sound of the rain stick is soft and calming, and, as its name suggests, it sounds like falling rain. The seeds or pebbles inside are not shaken immediately. Rather, as the instrument is inclined, they slowly fall down the interior of the rain stick, hitting small bamboo rods that are located at random intervals throughout the hollow tube, which keep the seeds from passing through cleanly.

In indigenous traditions, the rain stick was part of the Shamanic religious ceremonies and rituals, but the instrument also became part of Cuban santería, revealing the influence of indigenous people on black music in the country. In Brazilian pop music, it contributes to a wide repertoire of contemporary percussion sounds.