Beat! Percussion Fever
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Brief history

A member of the membranophone family, this large drum is used in the Tambor de Crioula drum circle, along with the meião (or socador, chamador; mid-sized drum) and the crivador (or pererengue; small drum).

In a "marcha" ("march"), the rufador is the last one to enter, and is responsible for all upturns and improvisations, marking the punga of the umbigada.

Unlike the crivador and the meião, which are played with the player sitting on top of them, the rufador is placed between the legs and held in place by a rope tied around the player's waist.

Like the other drums, it is played with the matraca (two pieces of wood).


Beat! ensemble with rufador

Tambor de Crioula

Tambor de Crioula